TLP Roof Repair Campaign

“When It Rains . . . “

It’s happened to everybody, hasn’t it? Those unplanned expenses that threaten to derail the best of plans. Well, it’s hit Youth In Need this Spring with roof problems at our Transitional Living Program that then caused damage to one of the most important areas for the youth living together—the kitchen/dining area of the group home.

Would you consider helping? It wasn’t in the budget, and cutting other parts of the program doesn’t make sense for the youth who are working so hard to get a new start in life.

Do we shrink the food budget for 10 young adults—and two babies? Cut down on transportation costs when we are shuttling our youth to school, to work and sometimes both? Or eliminate the recreation budget for them when sometimes they just need a chance to be themselves and forget about the trauma in their lives? None of those options make any sense.

A roof repair is not thrilling and it’s absolutely necessary. It’s going to cost $13,400, and we are hoping for an outpouring of support from the folks that know us best.

Thank you!