Teen Parent Program

The Teen Parent Program provides individual and group support to teen parents and pregnant teens who live in St. Charles County. The program offers counseling, case management, education and advocacy to its participants. Program staff include a Teen Parent Therapist and a Registered Nurse. The Teen Parent Therapist provides participants with individual, group and family counseling at home, school or office. In addition, the Teen Parent Therapist provides case management, including referrals to various community resources that will meet the client’s needs. The Teen Parent Nurse provides education and support for pregnancy, labor/delivery, post-partum and parenting. The Teen Parent Program tailors its services to meet the unique needs of pregnant and parenting teens. Childbirth classes also are offered to participants.

Eligibility, Enrollment and Cost

Participants must live in St. Charles County and be 18-years-old or younger. (As long as a teen enrolls in the program prior to his or her 19th birthday, he or she can stay in the program until his or her 20th birthday.) There is no cost to participate in the program.


To enroll, to learn more about the program or to set up an appointment, interested individuals can email or call 636-757-9403.