Recurring Gifts

Join The Believers, a team of donors who believe a little each month can go a long way. At Youth In Need, “believing in the power of potential” is our motto. Our community of recurring donors are those who join us in that belief by investing in the long-term transformation of our young people. The lives of those served at Youth In Need are often defined by inconsistency. Recurring gifts provide stability for them to find safety, hope and success in life.

How It Works…

  • You determine the amount and frequency of your donation.
  • Your payment method (credit card/debit card/EFT) will be charged based on your predetermined interval.
  • Your gift will renew annually.
  • Your gift can easily be adjusted or canceled at any time.

Here’s how your gift can make an impact:

  • $42 per month feeds one youth at the Emergency Shelter for a week.
  • $78 per month purchases a monthly Metro pass for one youth to have transportation to work in the St. Louis City/County area.
  • $125 per month supports the cost to run our Street Outreach van for one week.
  • $196 per month provides shelter for one youth for a day at the Emergency Shelter.

One donor who gives to Youth In Need on a recurring monthly basis had this to say:
“I love what Youth In Need does in our community. Supporting the organization in this way allows me to budget my donation and spread it out over the course of the year.”
—Erin Steele

Take the next step to becoming a Youth In Need Believer by setting up your recurring donation here.