Transitional Living Program

“I hope to infuse in the minds of young women that success is highly attainable, rewarding and contagious; regardless of past adverse circumstances.” —Jennifer Cantrell, a former Transitional Living Program client

Youth In Need’s Transitional Living Program group home is a 10-bed transitional living program for youth, ages 16 to 21, of all gender identities and expressions as well as sexual orientation. The home also can accommodate two pregnant teens or parenting teens with up to two children, ages birth to 3. Youth In Need began the program to provide housing for homeless teens lacking a safe or stable environment. The Transitional Living Program provides the basic needs of housing, food, safety and financial security by helping teens save money for their future while they develop and learn the basic independent life skills necessary to be independent and lead productive lives. A second component of the program is supporting living apartments and the next step in the continuum of services Youth In Need provides. As teens gain the necessary independent life skills and show competency in their independence, they have an opportunity to transition to one of our supported apartments. Teens continue to be supported by housing, food, safety and financial security by saving money for their futures as they continue on their road to independence. The program offers case management services, life skills instruction, group and individual therapy. In addition, program participants are encouraged to be involved in an educational program, to be employed and to be regularly saving a portion of their income so that they are financially able to live independently once they leave the program.

Eligibility, Enrollment and Cost

Participation in the program is voluntary and the services are provided at no cost. Teens must be between the ages of 16 and 21 to be eligible for the group home and 18 to 21 to be eligible for the supported apartments. The Program Director, Case Manager or Therapist will hold an assessment interview with teens interested in participating in the program. Staff provide the teens with information about the program and the requirements needed to participate.


To obtain information about the program or to schedule an assessment interview, email or call Transitional Living Program intake at 636-493-6103. (Collect calls are accepted.)