A Donor’s Story

Why I Chose a Charitable Gift Annuity

“Charline and I have been involved with youth for many years, as Sunday School Teachers, Youth Advisors, YMCA, and Boy and Girl Scout Leaders. We are very thankful that we have three wonderful, healthy children and eight grandchildren and we are very proud of what they have accomplished in their lives.

I grew up during the depression era and was an orphan, so I can really appreciate the services that Youth In Need provides for our young homeless and runaway youth.

I believe in Youth In Need and the many programs they offer. I am happy to report that Youth In Need has created a planned giving program to ensure that today’s quality programming will be there helping tomorrow’s children, youth and families. Charline and I are proud to be the first donors with a Charitable Gift Annuity to Youth In Need’s planned giving program. The Charitable Gift Annuity program is great for the recipient and the donor benefits from a substantial tax deduction. It’s easy with a minimum $5,000 donation, and it often pays a much higher rate than a donor can get from CDs and other investments.

We are proud to start such a great legacy for Youth In Need. Charline and I hope that we can lead the path for those who believe in what Youth In Need has done and is doing so they can continue to help children, youth and families.”

Frank Martinez

To leave a legacy for future generations, contact Rob Muschany, Vice President of Development and Marketing, at 636-757-9348, or contact your money manager.