Racial Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Our Commitment

Racial equity, diversity and inclusion are core institutional values for Youth In Need, and we commit to developing an organization that is affirming, inclusive and equitable. Equity drives excellence. In that pursuit, we widen our focus to confront the structural inequities and systemic racism that impact our clients’ well-being.

Youth In Need is accountable to our clients, our employees, our contributors and our community to fully live into our vision of all children having equitable opportunities so they can thrive. We strive to better educate, empower, and equip children, youth and families, and to nurture our staff community as we execute our mission.

Youth In Need will take a broad approach to equity, by seeking out the voices of our community members, prioritizing those who have historically been underrepresented. As a process, we will embed inclusion and equity into our services, operations, and decision-making. With curiosity and humility, Youth In Need will engage, listen and learn.

Together, we stand against injustice in all its forms because it inflicts deep harm on all of us and most importantly, on the children and youth we promise to serve.